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Craig Edwards
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Have you ever wanted the guidance of a professional strength and conditioning coach?

You probably have.

And I can almost guarantee the reason you haven’t worked with one is because it’s hard to justify spending that type of money on a strength coach or personal trainer.

What if I told you that you could get a program written for you by a profession coach?

Then Train With Craig might be exactly what you are looking for‼️

What is Train With Craig❓

🔶 Train With Craig is a monthly strength training program delivered to your inbox on the last business day of each month.

🔶 2 different workouts plans — a general fitness program for people of any age looking to improve their health and fitness, and an athlete program for current competitive athletes...and you get access to them both when you sign up!

🔶 Each month, the program includes a 3x a week of strength training and one additional circuit style workout (circuit is just for the general fitness program).

🔶 Each and every exercise in the program will have a video demonstration.

🔶 Alternative exercises most all exercises in the program

What is the barrier to entry to become a part of this Inner Circle❓

It’s $19 a month‼️

That’s it. 

Have a professional strength and conditioning coach program your workouts each month‼️

Seriously, what’s stopping you?

  • A monthly strength training program

  • A monthly strength training program


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Train With Craig Inner Circle

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